Reiki For Christians

Reiki is 100% loving energy from the Divine Source. If a well-meaning Christian should tell you that it is not okay to receive or practice Reiki, I guarantee you they are mis-informed as to exactly what Reiki is.

It is normal for any of us to be hesitant about something new, especially if it is a little 'mystical' in nature. Reiki fits this category because we cannot see it working in the same way we can build a machine and see its working parts, for example. Reiki's power is in its energy and this has to be accepted with a little faith and trust in God!

Reiki is compatible with any Christian faith (and any faith in the Universe for that matter!). Christian bibles speak of us having gifts of the spirit, including the gift of healing. Reiki is a perfect example of this type of gift ... given straight from God to us for only our greatest good. If you are unsure about your feelings regarding Reiki as a Christian, I encourage you to explore I hope it helps to clarify any questions you might have and lead you to making the decision about Reiki that is best for you and your spiritual growth.

Peace and joy to you ! --- Lisa


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